How to do Employee Registration in CVSMyHR? (Step by Step Guide)

Hey folks, as you already know about CVSMyHR Login and other things related to it. And now you’re thinking that How can I access this portal. So, the answer is very clear and simple, to access the CVSMyHR Employee Login Portal you have to register in that portal as an Employee of CVS.

How can I register in MyCVSHR?

To solve your all doubts about Employee Registration in CVS MyHR we have created this Blog Post. In this blog, we have given a complete step-by-step guide with all possible ways to register in this Employee Login Portal developed by CVS Pharmacy for their Employees.

NOTE: MyCVSHR is only limited to the employees of CVS Pharmacy and Healthcare. So if you’re not an employee of CVS then you can not be allowed to register into this portal.

Before we go deeper and start the process of Registration it is important to know “What is CVSMyHR

What is CVSMyHR?

CVSMyHR is an official employee login portal (Employee Management System) for employees of CVS Pharmacy, its child companies, and MinuteClinic.

Myhr CVS is a company styled to gain their workers with excellent highlights. CVS is one of the largest names in the Western retail and healthcare business today since we actually care about our customers in addition to our agents also. What’s more, it includes a maximum of 9600 shops all around the united states. Myhr CVS has set itself the twelfth spot at the global standard.

Their online program named CVSmyHR is an amazing IT interface involving the HR branch and themselves. It’s a moderate correspondence between them by providing each of the vital information at the employee’s fingertips. Updatation continuously ensures that the employee’s time is invested in the best way and no advice surplus or incorrectness disturbs them ever.

Now many of you are thinking about why I am using different names for this portal. So the answer is very straightforward, there are too many peoples who are using this portal and call it with various names. Here I have given various names of this employee portal.

  1. MyHR CVS
  2. MyCVSHR
  3. CVSMyHR
  4. MyHRCVS
  5. CVS Employee Login

You can call it by any name which you like. It totally depends on you.

So now I think you are aware of this portal and know why you need it. Right? If yes then it’s time to know how you can register yourself in CVSMyHR as an employee of CVS.

How to Register New Employee Account in CVSMyHR?

To register and use in this employee login portal you need some pre-required things. Which are listed below:

  1. Computer, Laptop or Mobile Device (I strongly prefer a Computer or Laptop for better User Experience)
  2. Strong and stable Internet Connection
  3. CVS Employee ID Card

If you have fulfilled the below requirements then you’re ready to register on CVSMyHR.

Registration of a New Employee Account is never been easy before today if you just follow the given steps carefully!

As a part of the registration process and security enhancement, you need to set up one Security Question with Secret Answer. Make sure you have to set the question which will only be answered by yourself. This is useful whenever the system identifies that someone else is trying to access your account, it’ll ask this question, if the user will enter the wrong answer then he/she’ll be blocked!

Here are the steps for CVS Registration.

  1. Open
  2. Click on “New User?”Register as a new New User in MyCVSHR Login
  3. Now you’ll be redirected to another registration page.
  4. Enter the last 4 digits of SSN Number and date of Birth in Appropriate Fields.MyCVSHR Employee Registration Form
  5. Click on the CONTINUE button once after verifying the given details.
  6. Now you can see some more fields in the form.
  7. You need to enter all the valid Information in given form.
  8. Also, enter your proffered Password.
  9. Once you are done with all other things simply click on the SUBMIT button.
  10. You’ll receive one confirmation mail shortly.

Great, your new employee account has been successfully registered on CVSMyHR.

So, now you’re able to log in and Use MyHR CVS Employee Login Portal.

NOTE: Do not share your MyCVSHR User ID and Password with anyone, as it contains all your information.


This is all about the Employee Registration process of CVSMyHR. I hope you got the right and exact information for which you’re looking for and created your new Employee Account Successfully. If you have any other doubts feel free to leave a comment or check the FAQ about MyCVSHR.

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