MyHR CVS Login – MyCVSHR Official Employee Login


MYCVSHR Login: MyHR CVS is the main login portal for CVS clinics and health care employees. Each of the employees has to be registered with the MYHR CVS portal. This allows them to manage their work, have employee benefits, stay connected with important teams like HR management, and also have a planned work schedule.

This MyHR CVS portal is created for the employees & ex-employees of CVS Pharmacy and Health Care Centres in order to establish strong communication channels which leads the company towards better management.

CVS is the short form for “Consumer Value Store” and this was some time ago. Now they have revised it to “Convenience, value, and service“. This is a fleet of 9500 franchises and is observed across the US for offering relief to every part of the country.

Although CVS had been founded originally in Massachusetts in the year 1963, its headquarters is located in Rhode Island. They are so proud of providing varied services and products to over 5 million people each day! There are over 24300 employees that work in over 49 states. They also ensure that citizens of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are also in the carrier and is not just a different job.

The online application of the CVS Employee Portal is called myHR CVS Portal. This works as an amazing link between the HR department and IT and themselves. This offers ease of communication that is needed for all of the important information that the employees need at their fingertips. Updates can be presented in real-time. This ensures that the employees are spending their time most efficiently and there is no repetitive data or any kind of inaccuracy. This saves a lot of time and extra effort.

So, in short, If you’re an Employee or Ex-Employee of CVS Pharmacy then you must need to know about MyHR CVS (MYCVSHR).

Here are some topics which we’ve covered in this article:

  • What is MyHR CVS? And Why we need it?
  • Features of CVS MyHR Login
  • MyCVSHR Employee Benefits
  • Pre-requirements to use it
  • How to register and log in? (Step by Step)
  • How to recover username/password? (Step by Step)
  • What we can do with
  • Problems of MyCVSHR
  • My HR CVS Customer Care
  • Overview of CVS Learnet
  • About CVS Pharmacy

Now without wasting much time, let’s get to the CVS MYHR Registration Process.

MyHR CVS Login Pre-Requirements

Before you register or log in to the website, there are some things to keep in mind. This will make sure that you are prepared with all of the requirements in order to avoid all errors and issues.

Here are the key requirements for MyCVSHR use:

  1. Good Computer or Smartphone.
  2. Stable Internet Connection (Must Required)
  3. Employee ID card linked with CVS pharmacy or the subsidiary.
  4. CVS Employee User ID & Password
  5. MyHR CVS Login Website URL (

If you have all of these requirements fulfilled, you are ready to go ahead with the registration procedure.

MyHR CVS – CVS Employee Registration

MyHRCVS is a kind of online EMployee Management System developed by the known organization MyHR Corp. As I already discussed this portal is developed with the intent to provide employers a straightforward way to access information related to their employees and keep track of their business activities. Employers can also share their employee’s data through a Secure Website connection using MyHR CVS.

Here we have simplified the process of Registration on MYCVSHR Login. Just follow the below steps and you are good to go.

  1. Open MyHR CVS Employees Official Portal at in Web Browser
  2. In displayed Login Form click on “New User?” link (as shown in below image) Click on New User - Step 1 to register on MYCVSHR Login
  3. Now you’ll redirected to Registration Wizard
  4. In this wizard you need to enter your 4 Digit SSN Code and Birth Date (and hit Continue)Enter 4 Digit SSN Code and Date of Birth - Step 2 of CVS MyHR Registration
  5. On in the next page you need to select Username and Pin Number
  6. Once after selecting valid Username and Pin Number click on SUBMIT button

That’s it, you’ve successfully registered on MyHR CVS. Check your email ID for Confirmation Mail.

Login on MyHR CVS Employee Portal

Before Log into the MyHR CVS Portal you must understand that MyCVSHR is the online portal that will allow you access to personal information through the internet. Therefore you have to make sure that you do so through a secure computer. Be a responsible user and make sure that the password and username are private.

Follow the below steps to login into MyHR CVS Employee Portal.

  1. Open Official Website of MyCVSHR Login at
  2. If you’re Current Employee of CVS Health and MinuteClinic select right Log On button (as displayed in below image) How to Login to My CVS HR Employee Login Portal at
  3. If you’re Former Employee of CVS Health or MinuteClinic then use Right Login Form (as shown in above image)
  4. Once after selecting appropriate Login Form enter your valid Login Credentials and click on Log On button
  5. After few seconds you’ll be redirected to your MyHR CVS Dashboard.

Now you can access your whole MyHR CVS Employee Portal from this Dashboard.

I hope that you’ve successfully logged into the MyHR CVS.

How to recover MyHR CVS Username / Password?

But what if you forgot your Login Username / Password?

No worries, I have the solution for that situation as well. All you need is to follow the steps given below.

First, we’ll look at the process of Recovering the MyCVSHR Username.

Forgot MyCVSHR Username

The process of recovering the Username of is not much complicated.

To forget and recover My HR CVS Username you have to follow some easy steps which are given below.

  1. Open the website.
  2. Click on Forgotten User ID/Password place under Log on the button.Recover MyHR.CVS.COM Username
  3. Enter SSN that’s 4 digit code and your birth date.Forgot Username of MYCVSHR Login
  4. Click on Continue.
  5. Enter valid information for recovery.
  6. You shall be redirected to the new page.
  7. You get User ID details on the registered mail.

And that’s it your CVS Myhr Username has been recovered successfully.

Isn’t it easy? let me know in the comment section below.

And now take a look at the process of recovering myhr.cvs password.

Forgot My CVS HR Password

The process of recovering My CVS HR Password is so easy and smooth.

You need to follow a few steps which are given below to recover myhrcvs password.

  1. Open the website.
  2. Click on Forgotten User ID/Password place under Log on the button. Recover MYHR CVS Password
  3. Enter SSN that’s 4 digit code and your birth date.Forgot Password of MYCVSHR Login
  4. Click on Continue after verifying the information.
  5. Enter valid information for recovery.
  6. You shall be redirected to the new page in a few seconds.
  7. The new password will be sent on the registered email ID.

Great, you’ve successfully recovered your CVS My HR Password.

NOTE: Remind and Keep your new updated Password at a secure place where no one can access it without you. Also never share it with any family, friend, or unknown person.

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More Information About My HR CVS Login

So, this is all about My HR CVS Employee Registration and Login.

Here is some more information about you need to know as well.

Many of us are looking for Benefits of CVS Myhr Login, and here it is.

My HR CVS Login Benefits

CVS has been recognized for offering the employees comfort not just by providing important information, but also dental discounts, health insurance, and the 401K program. All thanks to the long-term vision of administration. Another major benefit is that all of the facets remain free for usage. Doesn’t matter if you are a new or old worker, there is no partiality when it comes to service level and the benefits.

Tip: Their stock exchange program remains the most attractive feature that they offer. This is because employees can buy CVS stocks for investing the earning and gain better benefits for exponential future benefits.

Here are some additional reasons for signing up with the free service:

  1. CVS employee offers discount programs.
  2. There is an employee stock purchase program.
  3. Wellness and health program.
  4. Education and adoption assistance.
  5. Access to attendance and work itinerary.
  6. Information regarding the status of income tax, insurance coverage, healthcare covers.
  7. Data access for gratuity, travel allowances, and paychecks.

MyHR.CVS.COM Features

  • Home and Auto insurance details
  • Identity theft security program
  • Access to their 401K plan
  • CVS Pharmacy Employee can view pay-checks
  • Access their tax information
  • Education assistance details
  • Check advantages offer
  • Life insurance details
  • All about shipping benefits
  • Employee discounts details
  • Schedule/Manage work details
  • Free smoking stop programs
  • CVS Health discount center
  • Employee stock option details

MyHR CVS Contact Information

Here are the official Contact Details of CVS Myhr.

HR (Human Resources) Department: 888-MY-HR-CVS (888-694-7287)

MyHR CVS Contact Number : +1 312-291-5999 (Mon-Fri – 8 AM – 8 PM)

Official Email ID: [email protected]

Useful Resources Links

Here in this guide, I tried my best to provide you with all the information about MyCVSHR, its registration & login process along all other things related to it. But still, if you need more information check out these useful resources.

Final Words

All of us need to make sure that we are taking care of our health. And in the process, if we can take care of others as well, there is no other noble cause. Hopefully, this detailed guide must have answered all of your questions regarding MyHR CVS.